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NotED News...NotED's founder, Debbie Roche will be launching her book 'Anorexia: A Son's Battle, A Mother's War on 27th February 2016. The book will be available on Amazon and Kindle
To coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Debbie Roche is launching her first book, Anorexia: A Son's Battle, A Mother's War.

Anorexia: A Son's Battle, A Mother's War is a testament to Debbie's resolve throughout the tearful and troubling times whilst supporting her son battling with anorexia. Using personal narrative, Debbie powerfully discusses tense and emotional moments. Without reserve, she imparts her inner most feelings of guilt, frustration and despair

Through reference to the knowledge Debbie uncovered about anorexia, Anorexia: A Son's Battle, A Mother's War, aims not only to dispel some of the common misconceptions around the dangerous eating disorder but highlight some of the key physical, emotional and social indicators, for either lurking or presiding anorexia. 

Debbie's reflections and use of her lived experiences make Anorexia: A Son's Battle, A Mother's War a fascinating read for anyone interested in eating disorders. But more importantly, it is a useful and valuable weapon in any parent's or carer's arsenal in preparation for the fight against the enemy that is anorexia. 

To book a place at the event please visit Eventbrite:http://www.eventbrite.com/e/anorexia-a-sons-battle-a-mothers-war-by-debbie-roche-book-launch-tickets-20349766700

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