A Plymouth Peer Support Group offering a safe and confidential space to offer support and information, to share experiences, thoughts, problems and successes.

Open to parents or other adults who are caring for somebody who is experiencing an eating disorder.

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Caring for someone is an extremely challenging role. However, caring for someone battling with an eating disorder is a further challenging and difficult role to undertake, due to the lack of understanding of carers needs and the condition. 

Each year over 2 million people become first time carers - a role generally thrust upon them by unfortunate circumstances. 

Caring can be a very daunting, confusing and lonely role, particularly in the beginning. It is only natural to want to do the best you can. All too often the carer forgets about being human and assumes the guise of Superman or Wonderwoman. But, no one is super human!

The carer has to be mindful that he/she does need help and support - acceptance of this fact is imperative for their health and well-being.

It is known that many carers experience various changes in personal circumstances as a result of their caring role: financial difficulty; poverty; reduction in social life; social isolation; ill-health (physical and mental); exhaustion and frustration.

Eating disorders rarely exist on their own. It is common for other disruptive illnesses and conditions to accompany the eating disorder thereby making the caring role more complicated.

Accompanying conditions include:


Anxiety Disorders

Bipolar Disorder


Excessive Exercise

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Suicidal Thoughts 

Parents and carers of someone suffering with an eating disorder are placed in very difficult situations. 

Not only is it vital to understand the characteristics of the eating disorder and how it affects the individual, it is also important to realise the need to adapt new skills in order to be able to cope with the emotional turmoil that is thrust upon them daily.      

A vital resource which provides information to carers of those living with an eating disorder and also equips them with skills to enable continuous support. 


A member of the Plymouth Mental Health Network