Hi, sometimes life becomes quite a pain doesn't it? School pressures. No money for fun things. Arguments, not only with your mum but with everyone. I know it's not easy - but growing up, becoming an adult, has never been easy.

What is important during these difficult times is that we remember just how great we are. We need to appreciate our skills, values and qualities. If we do this when times are good we might not get so many bad times! Try it!


Self-concept can be described as our understanding of ourselves; our abilities, characteristics, thoughts, appearance and body image.

Our self-concept is not rigid, it can change. This is because we understand and view things differently depending upon our attitude, mood, values and feelings, etc.  

Of course, we have to change our attitude, etc. if our self-concept is to change. Both body image and self-esteem are inextricably linked to self-concept. 

As young people we experience many changes to our bodies, many challenges to our brains and definitely begin to experience life's highs and lows. The pressure of all of these experiences can be very troubling, particularly the changes to our bodies, which affects our self-esteem.  


Self-esteem can be described as the way we value ourselves; how we feel, think and believe in ourselves. 

We tend to use coping mechanisms when our self-esteem is low.